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🏡Vintage Value Estate Services is a small, family owned business located in Northglenn Colorado. 

📆My daughter and I have been helping people with estate sales and cleanouts for the last six years.  We started out working with some of the top estate companies in Denver. This is where I learned the ins and outs of holding a profitable sale in today's market. 

📞Along the way and through many different scenarios we learned that trust and communication are the key  to having a successful sale. To have trust there must be open communication. To have open communication  we need to be available to you. And we will be. If we need to come to your house 3 times or ten times, it doesn't matter, if you need to call us every day for a month then call us. It's OK. We will always make time to talk to you, to answer your questions and address any concerns.  We are there for you and your family. 

💼Unlike big corporate companies who hold dozens of sales a month, we keep our sales to two a month. This ensures that we have plenty of time to dedicate to each sale. 

💰Other companies charge you set up fees,  advertising costs or for additional labor if the sale is large.

🌟Our promise to you is no up front fees or additional costs for holding an estate sale. If we need to dig out the basement, crawl around the attic or empty the shed out back, it's all included. From the first call to the last sale, it's  a flat 40% fee.  

♥️We put our heart and soul into every job. 

🏷️ A large part of the job is staging the house. The end result is a clear path easily navigated by customers. Everything marked with easy to see prices, and signs directing customers to other areas of the house. Items that are not for sale or that stay with the house are marked with a big X and the word NO.

  😔We understand that if you have to liquidate an estate(for whatever reason)  it can be very stressful and overwhelming. 
                                                           🤝We would like to help.