Jan is very good at what she does. A very hard worker. Gets the job done in a short time. She acomplishes in three hours what most people do in six. Jan packed our entire house professionally. Above and beyond our expectations. She hauled all the clutter out. I definitely recommend her. Thank you so much jan and your crew. 

Erik Johnson

 Jan Jones and CO, did an outstanding job from start to finish at my Dad's estate sale. She communicated very well with me about everything, and did an excellent job at cleaning the house including the carpets after the sale. I would highly recommend her company to anyone who needs a professional to come in and take care of business. A job very well done!!! 

Lisa Brunner

 Jan is EXCELLENT! I couldn’t be more pleased with her and her Team! A true Professional! Thank you, Jan! I highly recommend you for anyone seeking to have an Estate Sale! Five Star Service and you exceeded my expectations! 

Diana Lincoln

 I can't believe the great prices. I had trouble finding someone to pick up the sofa and loveseat that I purchased and they offered to deliver it to me! How many places do that??? Not many. I can't say enough nice things about such a professional and friendly group of people. Thanks to you all! 

Candi Gaona

 Jan is simply a pro. She is the nicest person you can imagine, and she loves to go through a home and very professionally organize, clean, sell, and account for everything in it! I simply could not have managed my fathers estate without her. I will be forever grateful for her help and partnership thorough this process. Jan was trustworthy on all accounts and did everything she said -- on time and completely. I wish i could recommend Jan and Vintage Value Estate service with 100 stars rather than 5!!! 

Jimmy Capra

 Positive: Professionalism, Quality, Responsiveness, Value Jan and her staff were amazing! They were efficient, very organized and very professional. I was thrilled with the outcome of the estate sale Jan had for my mom as other companies I talked to said my mom didn't have enough variety or value and I should have a garage sale. Jan took the time to really look at the items my mom had and held a very successful sale. She is very kind, responsible, caring and professional. She left my mom's house very clean and hauled off the remaining items in a very timely manner. I felt like she had lifted a huge weight off my shoulders! I would HIGHLY recommend Jan and her staff. They were fantastic! 

Pam Bates

 Positive: Professionalism, Quality, Responsiveness, Value I called and left a message for Jan regarding my parents’ house and the need for help to sell and evaluate all the fine art, coins and other collectibles in the house. She called me right back and she came over to evaluate. My brother and I were overwhelmed and Jan was great. She brought in other experts to help accurately price the hundreds of art pieces and coins. The 40% that Jan and her daughter charge was well worth it! They worked very hard to clean, display and research the items. There was always communication with any questions or clarifications. We found Jan and her daughter to be highly ethical. They were truly the answer to the stress we had been feeling with all these things and what to do! Our mom is now happy and smiling with all the profit she made from this estate sale!!! We highly recommend Jan and her daughter for estate sales- and also for the clean out. They worked sooooo hard and it was a huge relief for our family! Thank you, Jan and Nikki!!! 

barbara sweet

 Positive: Professionalism, Quality, Responsiveness, Value Jan and Nikki did an amazing job! They were great to work with and handled everything. Really appreciated how professional and knowledgeable they were from start to finish. They delivered on everything they promised. I will use them again without hesitation. 

Kevin Martin

 Jan was a godsend for us. We had just lost my Mother-in-law after a 2 year struggle with cancer and dementia. We were involved in all of her memorial and estate dealings and were overwhelmed and exhausted. Jan came to us and took over the sorting, organizing, and selling of all her belongings. She hauled away everything that was left in the house and left it clean enough to list and show. It was a huge job that we were not able to face. Thank you so much Jan for your kindness, understanding and all the hard work and long hours. Please thank your team for a job well done. 

Paula Diyorio

 Positive: Professionalism, Quality, Responsiveness, Value We highly recommend using Vintage Value Estate Services for your next move. We downsized from a home to an apartment and Jan and her daughter Niki prepared, staged and sold the furniture and other things we could not take in a two day estate sale. Anything left they donated or trashed. They then cleaned the house from top to bottom, ready for the new owners. Their one stop service truly took a load off our shoulders. 

Alyce Bailey

 My mom past away a few months ago and there was a lot of stuff in my moms house. A friend gave me the number to Vintage Value Estate Services so I called and met with Jan. After talking she discribed all her services. I went with the estate sale, home clear out, and move out clean since I was going to put the house on the market. Jan and her team are extremely professional. They showed up a week before the sale to go thorough everything and price it. After the estate sale they removed the rest of the items and performed the move out clean. I mentioned to Jan that I was having painters come in to paint and she said that she would wait until after the painters were complete to clean all the hardwood floors so I would not have to clean them again. Jan and her team did such a great job that my realtor was impressed and asked for her information. I highly recommend Jan and her team, they are worth every penny. 

Jeremy Eisenthal

 Jan Jones and her team at Vintage Value Estate Services are simply amazing! Our family had a very quick and unexpected loss, resulting in the need to clear out our family home of 40 years. We found the task overwhelming and unbelievably sad, and had no idea how to start the process. After meeting Jan, she immediately made us feel more at ease and confident that the job would get done with care and compassion. Throughout the whole process Jan was very communicative and upfront with exactly what was going on every step of the way. She always checked in with us and always listened and answered any concerns or questions we had. It was very evident she treated the home and its contents with care. The setup for the sale was very professional and impressive! She made it look like a showroom and the display was beautifully executed. After the sale, Jan and her team did the cleanout for us as well. After the removal of the remaining items, we hired her to clean, shampoo carpets and get the house show ready. And indeed she did just that! Not only was the cleaning spectacular, it truly was ready for the realtor and prospective buyers immediately. She even finished ahead of schedule! Jan was very compassionate, professional and lovely to work with every step in a very trying time for any family. I highly, highly recommend Vintage Value Estate Services! Thank you Jan and team for everything! You made this so much easier to work through! 

Jennifer Luoma

 Jan and her crew were exceptional in dealing with our Dad’s estate. They helped with the estate sale, hauled away everything that didn’t sell and cleaned the house quickly and so thoroughly it could be put on the market to sell the next day. Thank you for helping us out in a sad and stressful time. 

Jude Chilen

 On December 21, 2018, my slightly older sister, 52 years old, passed away very unexpectedly. She was survived by her husband of 26 years. He is however much older and not in the best of health. She resided in Lakewood, Colorado and I in Arvada. Needless to say, all arrangements for her funeral, wake, etc. Were left up to me. Of course I was more than willing to do so. Unfortunately I had been in a rather severe car accident just 17 days prior After things calmed down a bit, I was informed that I was probably having to take on getting the rest of her affairs in order. Such as her clothes, furniture, houseware and collectibles, (SHE HAD A LOT OF ITEMS). Needles to say, I was feeling rather overwhelmed. I had no idea where to start. I was sharing this with one of my colleagues and another person had overheard our conversation. This person highly recommend the services of Jan and Nicki Jones of Vintage Value Estate Services. She went on and on at the job they had done for a relative of hers. I thought, what have I got to lose. The very next day I reached out to the ladies that run VINTAGE VALUE ESTATE SERVICES, Jan and Nicki. Jan and I spoke at length about what my needs were, my timetable and of course the cost. After what seemed like a 15 minute conversation, (turned out to be almost 45 minutes), I already knew I had found exactly the right people for the job. I must've rambled on about my stress and my pain due to my accident and yet Jan never once made me feel rushed or unheard. We met in person a few days later to go over the contract. Every aspect of my encounter with Jan left me breathing a little bit easier, more and more each time we spoke or met in person. In the end my expectations were far exceeded by their hard work, experience, compassion and overall humanity with which both Jan and Nicki put into taking care of my sister's things, (getting the best price possible), helping me understand the process and more than living up to their reputation. Not only am I beyond grateful for all Vintage Value Estate Services has done for me in terms of business ethics, I truly feel like a made a friend who really showed care and compassion in an otherwise difficult situation. 5 STARS ABSOLUTELY!! Thank you Jan and Nicki Debi Like Response from the owner 3 weeks ago Debi, thank you for the lovely review. I know that you were going through a tough time. I'm glad we could help. 

Debi Foumberg

 You can’t go wrong work with Jan Jones and her cleaning professionals. Vintage Value Estate Services are my exclusive cleaning partners who help me to present my Airbnb’s with the utmost cleanliness. They follow a strict protocol for cleaning AND disinfecting my properties. Responsive, reliable, and an essential component to my success. 

Lenny Maiocco

 Carmen Wescott Local Guide · 50 reviews · 3 photos 10 hours ago Jan cleaned out our basement after estate sale and it was a mess! Her team did a thorough job all the way to cleaning the floor. Spic and span and worth every penny. Thank you Jan! 

Carmen Wescott

 Evelyn Johnson I had 3 generations and 30 years of stuff that had to be decluttered from my 3 level home to downsize to a small ranch. Without Jan it could not would not have happened. She got it done on record time and affordable rates. I give 5 stars. Evelyn 

Evelyn Johnson

 Vintage Value Estate Services with Jan and her staff are an exceptional company. In today’s world with little to no customer service, it is wonderful to find a company that goes above and beyond. This company completed a two story whole house clean out ahead of schedule. They communicated often and there professionalism was beyond expectations. I definitely recommend the company and would and will use them again. Thank you so much Jan and your crew 

Golden Sherman

 I called vintage on a Sunday afternoon...by Tuesday they had my mother's home completely cleaned out. I could not be happier with their service. They did exactly what they said they could do. 

Mark Walters

 I had 3 generations and 30 years of stuff that had to be decluttered from my 3 level home to downsize to a small ranch. Without Jan it could not would have happened. She got it dpne on record time and affordable rates. I give 5 stars. Evelyn 

Evelyn johnson