We have several different collections happening at this sale. Plus a lot of unique vintage items. The collections are large. First he had a collection of casino chips. A whole room dedicated to them. Casino chips from all over the world including Colorado of course. With Chips from Blackhawk, Central City and Cripple Creek. These chips are all valid in casinos that are still open and worth the face value, although you'll be getting them for a lot better price. I have verified with the casinos that are still open for business that these chips are still accepted for cash out or for casino play. For those people that love Las Vegas, we have a whole bunch from there! And some from just about any other state that has a casino! So happy gaming for everyone. Next collection are a variety steins. All in mint condition. To start the list of course we have Budweiser steins, Old Milwaukee, Pabst Blue Ribbon, Hamms, Strohs, Coors, Falstaff, Old Style and more. There are steins from Avon and super bowl steins. Steins for Christmas and wildlife steins. Baseball and sports steins and many more that I haven't mentioned. Next collection is bar glasses and shot glasses. So so many of both, just take a look at the pictures! Next huge collection is vintage ashtrays. Ashtrays from bars and casinos and restaurants from all over the states. Ashtrays from hotels and motels, inns and lodges, beer and cigarettes. The Waffle Shop and IHOP! And once again many more that I haven't listed. And let us not omit the collections of coasters, beer cozies , napkins, matches and bottle openers. So many bottle openers. We even have bar rail mats! I can't think of a practical use for them in a house, but they sure would look cool in a man cave! Now with all that being said, gather everything up and head to the man cave to watch some movies.....35mm movies to be clear. We have 24", 25" and 26" reels with 35 mm film on them. On the film we have classic drive inn movies from the 90s. Some titles are Empire strikes back, Boston Strangler, My boyfriends back, Liven Large , Efficiency Expert and many more. And if you don't want them for the movies, they will be a good conversation piece just hanging on the wall. Well I think that about covers our entertainment section. On to the next section. There is a nice collection of vintage toys. Some items you'll find here are Rock em Sock em robot, easy bake oven, Barbies, Tweety bird bank, Huckleberry hound, Cat in the hat stuffed toy, the cutest Kewpie doll lamp you've ever seen! A variety of older stuffed animals, toy machine gun with sound and a toy iron that is a music box. Several dolls with their original boxes. Moving on we have a whole shelf of brass animals along with many unique pieces I've not seen before. Fun stuff!. There are several vintage wall hanging beer signs. Man cave comes to mind again. But my favorite thing in the whole sale is a set of pyrex bowls. I know you're thinking how boring but they are not! They are PINK! And in great condition but not to be outdone there is a PINK Sunbeam mixer with PINK Bowls too! And a PINK 2 tier candy tray...so cute that they'd fit right in at the man cave!! How Devine! Moving on we have a whole back yard to talk about. Starting with bikes, there are 5 of them, I believe out of the 70s. I know, not quite as exciting as the PINK Pyrex bowls. Lots of resin outdoor chairs and benches for that summer gathering of friends. Lots of cute yard art. However the fountain and two pillars with balls on them are not for sale. They stay with the house.. There is a shed in the back that shelters some goodies. Shovels and rakes and a lawn mower too. There are electrical fittings and pieces and rolls of colored wire for the DIY person. There is a big old beer fridge in case anyone is interested. And right beside that is a big Busch can on wheels, not sure what it is but i think its a big old beer cooler for those outdoor parties. Pretty cool. And up against the fence are four classic wood sleds. The whole family could sled together. In the garage we have more steins, more bottle openers more novelty cups and a bunch of hardware. We also have some vintage PA equipment, 8 track tapes, turn tables, stereo cables new in the package and some speakers. There are also boxes and boxes of burned CDs that say Kazaa on them. I believe it's all country music. A nice score for country fans . We have a whole bunch of coin tubs for when you take your casino chips up the hill and hit a jackpot! Don't forget to look up when you're in the garage, there are lots of little treasures overhead.. Well I think that ends my tour. It's a small house but full of treasures. Hope to see you there!

  • Date: 8/4/2022 10:00 AM
  • Location: 8590 Circle Drive, Westminster, CO 80031 (Map)

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