All items are priced and tagged prior to the sale, which gives you an opportunity to review the  prices before the sale. If you wish to set a certain price on a select few items, we will price the items as you request. If the items do not sell at the price you requested, we will let you know if there has been an offer, and see if you want to accept that offer. 
All items are valued and priced by Vintage Value Estate Services. If we feel we need assistance in valuing an item, we will use
qualified outside appraisers to assist us on an “as-needed” basis, at our expense.
We advertise extensively over the internet through, Craigslist and Facebook Marketplace.  We also send out a notice to people on our email list. 
PLEASE DO NOT THROW ANYTHING AWAY!!!! All salable items can be offered as merchandise, from hair care and beauty products, to cleaning products, laundry products, insecticides and pesticides, paints and stains, all canned or packaged foods, tinfoil, saran wrap, bags,  china, crystal, silver, furniture, antiques, jewelry, coins, books, automobiles, golf carts, tools,  clothing, kitchen, garage, and miscellaneous items.
Almost every item in your home can be resold.
NO! There are NEVER ANY UP-FRONT FEES required with Vintage Value Estate Services. 
Yes. We have a written Agreement that puts in writing what we both agreed to. 
We would never tell you not to come. It is your house and your items being sold. We just know from experience that emotions are high in this situation. For some people it proves very difficult to watch something once treasured sell to an unknown person. This person probably doesn't see it as the same valuable treasure that you saw in it. And although unintentional things can be said in discussion that cause pain or distress to you as a family member. We know that this has been difficult already for you and we are there to do this part for you. However as I first stated we would never ask you not to come. 
Generally there is no negotiation on the first day. Of course there are exceptions to the rules and we handle that on a case by case basis. Normally the last day of the sale all items are reduced to 50%.
Vintage Value Estate Services is very conscious about security. Sales are fully staffed.
You will receive a check for the net proceeds within five to seven business days following the last day of the estate sale.

Should you have more questions about our business, please do not hesitate to call 720-203-1775 for further information.
If you have opted to have us do a clear out after the sale we will remove any items left and leave your house in broom swept condition. We also have a show ready cleaning if you're wanting to put your house on the market right away. If you have not chosen our services, we will do nothing with what remains. 

Our charge is pretty much the same across the board. Whether the house is big or small we charge a flat rate of 40% of the proceeds. In some situations, there will be a cleaning fee if the house is excessively dirty. However, you would be informed of this before we even sign a contract. In the same type of situation, if there is a lot of trash and debris that needs to be gone, a roll off dumpster may be needed. This would be at the owners expense.
We do estate clear outs, evictions, real estate, fix and flips, hoarder situations, barns, sheds, garages, and foreclosures.  We can handle almost any type of clear out.