This is a townhome. A relatively small town home. But as they say looks can be deceiving Every single inch of this townhome is filled with estate treasures. At this point of the process we are still digging out boxes and unpacking more treasures. But we have literally run out of room to display everything nice and neat. This meaning we are starting to double stack and squeeze items together in small areas. The kitchen cupboards are crammed full so please go easy when looking through them or it will be a disaster.. There are doubles and triples of a lot of these items so plenty to go around. "When we say shoes and purses, we really mean AND belts... furs... jackets... jewelry... make up... and of course more shoes... With every turn you will find a unique casting of brass figures, vases, glasses corkscrews, bottle openers, ashtrays, candlestick holders, and even a banana 🍌 If you ever wanted to get yourself organized, now is the time! We have organizers for make-up, socks, dinnerware, spices, scarfs, ties, cleaning supplies pretty much anything you can think of.

  • Date: 6/30/2022 10:00 AM
  • Location 12182 Bannock Circle # F, Northglenn, CO 8023 (Map)

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