Here is a list of what our show ready cleaning services will include with each and every house we clean. 


Vacuum hard to reach places like inside kitchen cupboards, above doorways, inside vents, bathroom vanities and behind toilets. Window ledges and tracks, cobwebs on walls and ceilings.



We will use scouring powder in and around the sink edge. Disinfect garbage disposal drain. Wipe down any back splash. Scrub around faucets and handles and then polish chrome.


Vacuum the inside and top of cabinets. Wash all cabinets inside and out with hot soapy water, making sure to clean cabinet handles and then give them back their luster with a good coat of liquid gold.


Remove any food from the fridge and freezer. Using hot soapy water, we remove all shelving pieces and scrub thoroughly. Wipe, dry and shine. Wipe down entire interior and exterior and the freezer walls and gasket. We also remove the tray from the ice and water dispenser and clean that too.


Using a de-greaser, we clean the entire stove top, trays, knobs and vent. Run the self-cleaning cycle then wipe out when done, wipe again with hot soapy water.


Run the dishwasher through an entire cycle. Clean control panel and knobs. Disinfect.


Sweep and mop the kitchen floor, making sure to wipe down baseboards.


Scrub the sink and counter thoroughly. Scrub toilet bowl, seat, lid and tank. Then disinfect it all.

Scour tub and shower walls. Clean and polish shower head, faucet and handle. 

 Wipe down baseboards, especially behind toilet. Vacuum and wipe clean all bathroom cabinets. Clean front of vanity. Use all-purpose cleaner on face plates and outlet covers. Wash door and door jams. Spot clean walls as needed. Use glass cleaner to clean the mirrors. Dust out vents. Sweep and mop.


Clean all doors and door jams. Spot clean walls. Wipe down all baseboards. Dust off the window ledges and vacuum window tracks. Remove any cobwebs. Dust any wood fixtures. Wipe face plates and outlet covers. Wipe off the ceiling fan and light fixtures. Wipe down fireplace. Sweep, mop or vacuum the entire floor. Dust blinds. Clean vents and wash the Livingroom windows.


Spot clean walls. Wash doors and door jams. Wipe down the baseboards. Clean window ledges and vacuum tracts. Dust blinds. Remove cobwebs. Wipe down face plates and outlet covers. Sweep, mop or vacuum the entire room and closets.


Remove all cobwebs. Wipe down baseboards. Clean window ledges and vacuum window tracks. Wipe down washer and dryer. Remove the lint build up. Wipe out any cabinets. Sweep, mop or vacuum the entire floor. Sweep porch or deck and clean the front door inside and out.

Need your house emptied?Cleaned? Ready to put on the market? 

 Only problem is time. You don't have time to get it all done yourself. 


Let Vintage Value help you. We can have your house emptied and sparkling clean in 2 - 3   days. 

And you can spend your time on more important things. 

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